Your First Day

What to expect

Once you’ve used the contact form to book your free first class, you will receive a text or email confirmation. The details regarding your specific class will be on there. On the day, you should wear appropriate training gear such as loose tracksuits/shorts and a t-shirt, and comfortable footwear for running. Dress as you would for gym/PE classes. A bottle of water is advised as you are likely to be working at a heavy pace to reach your goals from day one. When you go in, the instructor of the class will greet you and help you settle in. Try to arrive 10/15 minutes early so you can chat to the instructor about what you want to achieve from the class. If you have any health conditions, be sure to let the instructor know at this point if you haven’t already. You can place bags and items to the side of the hall, just be sure to ask the instructor where they go to make sure it isn’t in the way. Then it’s time to train!


Unlike a lot of clubs, we are totally transparent with our pricing. We have two main parts:

Joining Fee (includes uniform and registration):
£25 for kids
£15 for adults

Monthly Tuition (for weekly training):
£25 per month for 1 member
£45 per month for 2 members
£65 per month for 3 members
£80 per month for 4 members
Adults train UNLIMITED, so you can enjoy coming as often as you like as long as there are spaces!


If you’re happy with everything, here are the links to get started! Complete both forms, and let your instructor know.

Enrolment Form

Confirmation Form

Contact AGMA

Contact Us Today to book a martial arts class or for all general enquiries. We are always happy to help!