AGMA – The Club

AG Martial Arts takes a unique approach to the traditional teaching of martial arts. We pride ourselves on having only the best instructors to lead classes and put in 100% effort into helping each individual person with their goals, whether it be to build your child’s confidence or to lose weight. Regardless of your goal, we have one key thing in mind… become the best club we can be to make sure every person hits their targets!

Our club is kickboxing based, but we teach different elements of different martial arts where necessary to give members a broad outlook on the martial arts scene. Members can optionally grade with us through the rankings until they achieve a black belt too.

We are relatively new, and we love this fact! Every single one of our members has been on an exciting journey with us from humble beginnings to events packed with 500+ people. Sohail first began the club after being thrown out of the accounting world and learnt that passion is an important element of happiness! The passion has since trickled down to all instructors and has made AG Martial Arts the club it is today.

We feel that all clubs should have an ethical approach to everything they do, so we make sure that every member of the team is an ideal role model for society. We also like to make sure that we provide you with what you’re after. If you request additional support, we will do our best to make it happen. It’s a fact that if a child likes a teacher, the child’s passion for the subject will increase. So we make sure that we engage with every member that we can!

You can book a free first class with us today. Just visit our homepage here, find your nearest class and book in for a free first session! Or find out more about what we offer by navigating through this site!