Why We’re Different

At AG Martial Arts we understand what our students want, that’s why we are so unique. Each class is adapted to make sure we fit the needs of the members in the class!

Some other clubs may have 40+ members in a room with a few young helpers and drill moves repeatedly. We believe in a more personal approach, you’ll never see more than 30 students in one class, but there’ll be assistant instructors who are trained in assisting in busy classes. So the learning never stops, and the person touch is never lost.

We also do the following to make us the club with a vision:

The Best Content – We’ve seen what kids love and use the same things in our classes with a martial arts edge, to make sure the kids are learning but also having fun!

Low Ratios – We want to help kids on a personal level and have a promise to never overfill our classes.

BIG Events – We hold big events for all of our members, where we sometimes see over 250 members across the city attend on a single day. You can meet people you never knew that also train in our club!

Listening to Feedback – We listen to every bit of feedback, and nothing goes amiss. This is extremely important to us, so we’ve kept a tight control of what happens to make sure everything within the club goes as expected. We wouldn’t want a single class to be of unsatisfactory quality!

You can book a free first class with us today to see exactly how unique we are. Just visit our homepage here, find your nearest class and book in for a free first session! Or find out more about what we offer by checking this page!