Press Release – 1341 – Bursary Scheme


**AG Martial Arts and Sohail Chowdhary from The Apprentice Announce New Bursary Scheme Launching on August 7th**

*Investing thousands of pounds to support the local community by providing access to quality martial arts training for those from less privileged backgrounds*


Southampton/Portsmouth/Bournemouth/Winchester 7th August 2023

AG Martial Arts, a leading provider of martial arts training with over 600 members, and Sohail Chowdhary, a standout participant from this year’s series of The Apprentice, are excited to announce the launch of their new Bursary Scheme, set to roll out on August 7th. This initiative, backed by thousands of pounds in funding from Chowdhary and AG Martial Arts, is designed to support those from less privileged backgrounds within the local community, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from martial arts training.

Sohail Chowdhary, who himself experienced financial struggles as a child, is leading this initiative. He believes that no adult or child should be denied the benefits of a useful sport like martial arts due to financial constraints. Sohail founded AG Martial Arts to change lives. Known for his strategic acumen and community-focused approach, Chowdhary used his platform on The Apprentice to gain presence and is now dedicating his time to help more people across the south. He recently went viral on social media for performing martial arts kicks in a suit, mixing the boardroom with board-breaking!

AG Martial Arts, with its large and growing membership, has been instrumental in keeping children off the streets across Hampshire and helping them become better people. The organisation has received a constant flow of positive reviews from parents who have seen firsthand the transformative impact of martial arts on their children.

The Bursary Scheme offers heavily subsidised memberships for students who need it the most. The organisation has changed hundreds of lives with its classes, helping kids find a new lease of life when times get tough at home. Many parents, despite struggling to afford the sessions, understand the importance of their child’s need for belonging to a club and learning discipline, respect, and confidence.

The scheme has already seen success, with some students using martial arts as an escape from bullying and domestic violence. It has even reached young children of those escaping the war in Ukraine, who have found solace and strength in training with AG Martial Arts.

AG Martial Arts invites all interested parties to apply for the Bursary Scheme. The application form can be found on the AG Martial Arts website.

For more information about the Bursary Scheme, visit or contact Ashmita on Whatsapp on 07378351363 to organise interviews with Sohail.

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