We’ve always had one thing in mind – to deliver the best classes to those who need it. But we understand that sometimes the ones who need it may struggle to afford it.

The value we provide through our classes is immeasurable. We’ve changed hundreds of lives with our classes, such as kids finding a new lease of life when life becomes a little tough at home. There are many  parents who struggle to afford the sessions but understand a child’s need for belonging to a club and learning discipline, respect and confidence.

We offer a heavily  subsidised membership for students who struggle to afford classes but need it the most.

What this is

We offer a discounted membership for select individuals to train in our classes. The discounted membership lasts for 6 months so we are able to rotate and offer the scheme to other members too. The funding is given to people based on an impartial group.

The number of spaces that are offered is based on the funds that we collect and can vary. We will never publish those who are awarded the funding to, but we’d always appreciate private feedback to make the process smoother.

How it works

You can submit an application for yourself or for someone else who you know could benefit from the scheme. Funding will be available to those already training and to new members.

Criteria can be any of:

Income in households below £13,000 per year

Extraordinary home situations

Single parent families

Specific and formally recognised needs

Referrals from establishments such as schools and foster associations

To apply, complete the form below.

AG Martial Arts Bursary Application

For any queries/questions, you can contact us via email on info@agmartialarts.co.uk or by WhatsApp on 07378 351 363.