Adult Classes

Our adults class is focused on fitness delivered through martial arts. You can have fun training in our classes which are catered for all abilities, from novices to advanced athletes. The class is full of members similar to you, and you’ll progress with them to achieve your goals, whether it’s increased fitness, building core strength, increasing flexibility, achieve black belt, or simply to have fun!

A typical class would have a lot of hand and leg combinations, working on speed/power/technique drills. Because of this, you can expect to sweat, perfect for losing weight. Our kickboxing class in Southampton qualifies as a moderate to high-intensity cardiovascular workout that burns calories and helps you build muscle tone, so if that’s what you’re after, this could be the perfect thing for you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done a kick in your life; beginners go at their own pace, and advanced martial artists are pushed to their limits. For that reason, classes are diverse with a huge range of talent. We provide the next era of martial arts, so we are relaxed on uniforms to make our class settings more realistic.

So take the jump and give it a risk, it could be the best decision you make! You’ll be able to meet new people and train at your own pace, and you can trial it out by booking yourself in for a free first week of classes. Just use our postcode search tool to do so!