Junior Classes

Kids want to have a keen interest and a genuine passion. This is possible through our classes as we provide fun and games with a strong element of martial arts and fitness. The class environment is friendly and teaches juniors to socialise with others around their age. Juniors can make friends and be part of a club that they can be proud of. This is the number one stop for martial arts in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  

There are a number of belts to pass before reaching black belt, and these members will progress individually allowing them to achieve the best of their ability. Along the way, they will learn essentials such as discipline, confidence, self-defence, anti-bullying, fitness, and of course martial arts. Exceptional students are also given the rare opportunity to assist instructors, developing leadership skills at a young age.

Give it a try! You can use the postcode search tool to find your nearest sessions and book in for a free first class!