Ladies Only Classes

This class is designed for ladies of all abilities to offer fitness, self-defence, confidence, and more. This is non-contact, so is available to all personality. Most importantly, our classes are delivered in a fun manner. This makes our classes extremely social where you will find yourself looking forward to the next session, week in week out. It’s all about helping you get to your personal goal.

You get to experience a fun and social class with no societal pressure to fit in. Our classes are extremely broad! We have girls as young as 14 training with strong females aged above 50! We’re proud of this, not many clubs can say that they create an atmosphere where people of all ages and backgrounds and abilities can come together for a common cause. Our classes really are that unique. 

So take the jump and give it a risk, it could be the best decision you make! You’ll be able to meet new people and train at your own pace, and you can trial it out by booking yourself in for a free first week of classes. Just use our postcode search tool to do so!