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The Next Step. Sparring.

Why do it?

Sparring is a chance to apply the moves learnt in regular classes, and put it into more practical situations. Hitting a pad is easy enough only because the pad doesn’t hit you back! But now it’s the next level where things become more and more difficult, starting with regular sparring.

It’s also a requirement for belts – you don’t become a black belt without learning to apply kicks and punches into a sparring situation. So towards the later stages of the journey to black belt, you’ll be required to demonstrate your ability to spar.

Our System
We understand that it’s daunting to have punches thrown at you, the normal human reaction is to flinch and close your eyes. So we’ve developed our Tier System where sparring is made easier. Everyone starts out on Tier 1. Tier 1 is non-contact, getting used to the movement and motion of sparring. Only when students decide they are ready, they move onto the next tier. Tier 2 is light contact, the only thing required for competitions and grading. Tier 3 is more intense shots. Nobody will be forced to do more than the Tier they choose to be at.

How much?
It’s £3 per month to be registered as a sparring student, with details on how to set this up on the sign up part. The items are linked below so that you can purchase each piece of equipment yourselves. Equipment must be purchased from Blitz (except adults 16oz gloves) and are usable in class:

Full contact head guard

Dipped open palm gloves

Groin guard (males)
Dipped shin guards
Dipped foam foot pads

Full contact head guard

16oz boxing gloves

Groin guard (males)
Adult shin guards
Adult foot pads

You will spar in class with your instructor during normal sessions. This won’t be every single week, but enough to make progress. There are extra training nights which can be found by filtering on our location finder here: This is where you’ll get the chance to spar members from other classes.

Signing Up

Once you have the go ahead from your instructor, purchase the equipment and set up a Direct Debit for £3 per month by calling 01793 764 550. Please be warned, we receive notification once the Direct Debit is set up, so you won’t be sparring registered until this has been completed. 

Quick FAQ’s

When do we spar?
You’ll be sparring in class most of the time under your usual instructor. They will be taking you through all things required to become adequate enough in sparring to get through your belts.

There are additional one off sessions which happen once a month as well as other irregular sessions, where all sparring members are invited to another class to spar under an instructor focused on larger elements.

Can they compete in tournaments?
Yes! Although not required, we can place members into ‘inter-clubs’ where you’ll compete against other members similar to yourself in terms of age/experience.

What more can we do with sparring?
We want to put together a fight squad soon, which will have a group of the most talented members IN our club REPRESENTING our club. More details about this to come!

F.L.A.G.S. is our latest initiative to meet the needs of our members. It’s an advanced training program offered to those we feel have fantastic passion, dedication and potential. The hour long classes will offer more intense training and specialised teachings to suit your child’s capabilities.

We are truly excited about these new sessions as it allows us to work more closely with our members and we expect this class to open up new opportunities for the club.
Below we’ve listed some of the aims of the class and reasons why you’d want to join:

  • To provide specialised and detailed training to individuals that can handle greater levels of difficulty.
  • To challenge intelligent thinkers, encouraging them to improve on their technique, knowledge and approach to martial arts.
  • To equip the participants with knowledge and exercises so they can challenge themselves within their core lessons.
  • To create role models and leaders who can assist instructors when required.
  • To create a display team that can represent the club at selected events.

The Lessons

The lessons are an hour long and will offer a range of activities for our members to experience. They will be intensified sessions designed to push students, alongside opportunities to train in new martial art disciplines, learn effective coaching approaches and enjoy unique workshops.

When and Where?
Our package includes two training sessions:

1st Monday of the month
Directed by Emma Cooper at Mountbatten School, 18:15-19:15
07783080244 for Emma’s direct number

3rd Friday of the month
Directed by Sohail Chowdhary at Cantell School, 18:45-19:45
07378351363 for Sohail’s direct number

We have costs involved for these additional classes. It’s £20 for an all new black uniform, and then an additional £12 per month to register for these classes. You will need to speak to one of the F.L.A.G.S. coaches on how to get started with it as it’s extremely selective!

For those are very keen on taking their practical skills to the next level, we have MMA classes designed to push members to the maximum abilities. Be warned – it’s a whole new game! But you can get a great taste of the more intense stuff through clicking ‘more’ and finding ‘MMA’ within our class search tool.

We can offer one to one classes for those that would like to do so, or small group bookings of up to 4 people. Our rates vary, and it helps if you have space for us for the training to take place. But get in touch and we can give you our 1 to 1 session rate or small group booking rate.

We understand that everyone wants to try our classes, so we do not discriminate against anyone. If there are any cases of disabilities resulting in not being able to keep up in usual classes (physically or mentally), we can provide private sessions. Self defence is something which should be learnt by all, so we stick to that! Get in touch for more information, these cases are dealt with on an individual basis.