Other Programmes

Our advanced classes our designed to cater for three types of students:

  • Blue Belts and above
  • Students interested in Sparring
  • Keen students who have shown an interest in MMA & progressing their learning

The class is mixed with kids/adults and really pushes everyone on a weekly basis. This helps keeps things fresh when you start to get tired of the basics but also pushed physical fitness of all students, regardless of age and belt. It wont always be normal moves, you may venture into sparring or other disciplines as part of what we do… but don’t worry! If there’s ever sparring/grappling we’ll always have two or more instructors on hand to cater to those who aren’t fond of the different types of styles we can take you through.

You aren’t expected to attend these sessions for gradings, you can still train at regular classes and attempt your next grading. But be warned! As you climb higher up the ranks, training becomes much tougher and you may need more time than your usual instructor has during the classes. It is advised that anyone who is blue belts and above attends these sessions weekly as it means you’ll stand a higher chance of passing the grading, especially the advanced grading which lasts for 3 hours!

If you’re blue belt and above, it means that as part of our longstanding members you can purchase a black uniform to be worn in normal classes and gradings! It’s a privilege for those who have shown dedication to the club. Black uniforms can be purchased here: AGMA Black Uniform

To get set up? It’s £10 per month for this regular class. Call the management organisation on 01793764550 to get set up – but make sure you are eligible to join!

The Next Step. Sparring.

Why do it?

Sparring is a chance to apply the moves learnt in regular classes, and put it into more practical situations. Hitting a pad is easy enough only because the pad doesn’t hit you back! But now it’s the next level where things become more and more difficult, starting with regular sparring.

It’s also a requirement for belts – you don’t become a black belt without learning to apply kicks and punches into a sparring situation. So towards the later stages of the journey to black belt, you’ll be required to demonstrate your ability to spar.

Our System
We understand that it’s daunting to have punches thrown at you, the normal human reaction is to flinch and close your eyes. So we’ve developed our Tier System where sparring is made easier. Everyone starts out on Tier 1. Tier 1 is non-contact, getting used to the movement and motion of sparring. Only when students decide they are ready, they move onto the next tier. Tier 2 is light contact, the only thing required for competitions and grading. Tier 3 is more intense shots. Nobody will be forced to do more than the Tier they choose to be at.



How much & When?
You’ll have to be part of a regular Advanced Class session which costs £10 per month. Check the search tool below for times and locations! The items are below, equipment must be purchased from Blitz (except adults 16oz gloves) and are usable in class:

Full contact head guard

Dipped open palm gloves

Groin guard (males)
Dipped shin guards
Dipped foam foot pads

Full contact head guard

16oz boxing gloves

Groin guard (males)
Adult shin guards
Adult foot pads

You will occasionally spar in class with your instructor during normal sessions. This won’t be every single week, but enough to make progress. You’ll also have access to attend Advanced Classes which can be found using the search filter below. This is where you’ll get the chance to spar members from other classes.

Signing Up

Once you have the go ahead from your instructor, purchase the equipment.If you want to attend Advanced Classes to spar more regularly, see the advanced tab.

Quick FAQ’s

When do we spar?
You’ll be sparring in class most of the time under your usual instructor. They will be taking you through all things required to become adequate enough in sparring to get through your belts.

Can they compete in tournaments?

Yes! Although not required, we can place members into ‘inter-clubs’ where you’ll compete against other members similar to yourself in terms of age/experience.

What more can we do with sparring?
We want to put together a fight squad soon, which will have a group of the most talented members IN our club REPRESENTING our club. More details about this to come!

We can offer one to one classes for those that would like to do so, or small group bookings of up to 4 people. Our rates vary, and it helps if you have space for us for the training to take place. But get in touch and we can give you our 1 to 1 session rate or small group booking rate.

We understand that everyone wants to try our classes, so we do not discriminate against anyone. If there are any cases of disabilities resulting in not being able to keep up in usual classes (physically or mentally), we can provide private sessions. Self defence is something which should be learnt by all, so we stick to that! Get in touch for more information, these cases are dealt with on an individual basis.