We take our responsibility to treat our members fairly and with respect very seriously. Accordingly, whilst it’s always disappointing to hear of a complaint, we welcome the opportunity to resolve your concerns and improve the way in which we run our club. Raising A Complaint We’re sorry you need to raise a concern with AG Martial Arts. Regardless of the nature of your concerns, we want you to know that they will be taken seriously and dealt with as a priority. We welcome complaints via Instagram, Facebook Messenger, e-mail or phone on the below contact points;

Lead Contact: Sohail Chowdhary

E-Mail Address: Sohail@AGMartialArts.co.uk

Phone Number: 07897 519309

Please feel free to raise minor matters with your instructor before or after classes too; we are always here to help. How We Will Receive And Deal With Your Complaint We will always acknowledge receipt of any complaint raised within 24 hours. From there, we will try and respond in full to your concern or complaint within 2 working weeks. We will respond to your complaint in writing, either via messenger, email or letter according to your wishes for ease of reference .via email or letter for ease of reference. If We Can’t Satisfy Your Concerns We hope we can resolve matters amicably with you, and will gladly work through any issues you are encountering until satisfactorily resolved. If for any reason you are not confident with our final outcome or you feel that your concern is so serious you do not feel it can be raised with us, you may contact our association, The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) on the below details;

Web: https://bmaba.org.uk
01798 306546

The BMABA is our association, however, they do not own or have any ultimate authority over our club. They will, however, act as a body for arbitration and will field any safeguarding concerns in confidence.