For your first class you can wear anything you or your child is comfortable wearing. This can be PE kit or gym gear. Sometimes kids are required to remove shoes (depending on the hall), but if not then make sure appropriate footwear is worn. All adults keep trainers on! Make sure you’re able to kick high without ripping any trousers/shorts, then you’re all good! Bring a water bottle too as the lessons can sometimes be tough.

After the first class, you’ll be given details on obtaining the uniform required which the other students will be wearing. It’ll be included as part of the joining fee and you’ll have everything sorted from there on!

On the day, you should wear appropriate training gear such as loose tracksuits/shorts and a t-shirt, and comfortable footwear for running. Dress as you would for gym/PE classes. A bottle of water is advised as you are likely to be working at a heavy pace to reach your goals from day one. When you go in, the instructor of the class will greet you and help you settle in. Try to arrive 10/15 minutes early so you can chat to the instructor about what you want to achieve from the class. If you have any health conditions, be sure to let the instructor know at this point if you haven’t already. You can place bags and items to the side of the hall, just be sure to ask the instructor where they go to make sure it isn’t in the way. Then it’s time to train!

We understand that ladies can sometimes be tentative on what to expect. So here’s an outline of what’s to come! Note that there’s a big age range in our classes, from ages 14 to 64 and a above! It’s suited to all levels and abilities.

First of all you’ll arrive and see the other ladies training, don’t be afraid to say hi, everyone’s super friendly! You can leave your stuff to the side of the room and then begin the warm up. It’s usually a light group warm up. Then we have a few activities, where for example you may learn how to do a few punches in combinations, followed by an arms exercise to push you hard. We have a lot of pad-work in our classes but you can expect a good variety. Then we stretch and have a cool down before wrapping up. So it’s not too scary at all! You can always call us up on 07378351363 to talk to someone about any issues/worries about the class itself.