Upcoming Events

Check out all the latest and greatest events happening near you! You can also click on events happening soon and book straight into it using our simple-to-use links below. 

Gradings - Click the relevant area

Autumn Grading – Saturday 17th October 2020
Winter Grading – Saturday 6th February 2021
Summer Grading – Saturday 19th June 2020

Advanced Winter Grading – 22nd November 2020
Advanced Summer Grading –  26th June 2020

Autumn Grading – Saturday 24th October 2020
Winter Grading – Sunday 7th February 2021
Summer Grading – Sunday 20th June 2021 

Winter Grading – Sunday 25th October 2020
Spring Grading – Saturday 13th February 2020
Summer Grading – Saturday 12th June 2020 

Seminars/Events - Click the relevant area

Seminar 1 – Bullying Seminar
Seminar 2  – Tournament Practice

Seminars to be confirmed soon!

Seminars to be confirmed soon!