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At AG Martial Arts, we are the go-to kickboxing business in Hampshire, offering martial arts training hundreds of members. Our focus is primarily on children aged 3 to 13, but we also cater to students aged 14 and above. We provide a comprehensive and engaging martial arts program that goes beyond physical training. By joining AG Martial Arts, members embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery, discipline, and personal growth.
One of the key reasons to join AG Martial Arts is our structured ranking system. As members progress through our program, they have the opportunity to earn belts and advance from white to black belt. This sense of achievement and progression not only builds self-confidence but also instills a strong work ethic and the ability to set and achieve goals.

Our classes are meticulously designed to cater to different age groups and fitness levels, ensuring that every member receives personalized attention and guidance. Our experienced and certified instructors are passionate about martial arts and dedicated to helping members develop essential skills such as discipline, respect, focus, and self-defense techniques.

AG Martial Arts is more than just a kickboxing club. We provide a supportive and inclusive community where members of all ages can connect, make new friends, and learn from each other. Our classes are not only physically challenging but also foster mental resilience, instilling important life skills that extend beyond the training mat.

As a member of AG Martial Arts, you’ll experience the transformative power of martial arts firsthand. You’ll develop increased physical fitness, coordination, and agility while building mental fortitude and self-confidence. Our training sessions are fun, energetic, and designed to keep you motivated and engaged.

Join AG Martial Arts today and become part of our thriving martial arts family. Whether you’re a child or an adult, we welcome you to embark on a rewarding journey that combines physical fitness, personal development, and the pursuit of martial arts excellence. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of our dynamic community and discover the benefits of AG Martial Arts in Hampshire.