Martial Arts in Portsmouth

One of our most thriving franchises across the south, running martial arts classes to kids, adults and ladies only across Portsmouth and Fareham! The franchise is ran by Badr Bahaj, a student doctor with over 10 years kickboxing experience.

AG Martial Arts is the premier destination for martial arts enthusiasts in Portsmouth. Our comprehensive programs cater to all ages and fitness levels, specializing in kickboxing while incorporating elements from various martial arts disciplines to provide a well-rounded experience. From children as young as three to adults seeking advanced training, we offer a nurturing environment that promotes discipline, self-confidence, and physical fitness through the transformative power of martial arts.

Our Portsmouth martial arts training centre is led by dedicated and certified instructors who provide quality guidance and support to each student. We value personal growth and mutual respect, creating an empowering community that enriches Portsmouth’s vibrant culture. Our members span all age groups, reflecting the inclusivity and diversity of our community.

We understand how daunting it may feel for someone to join a class for the first time. We at AGMA are a family-friendly club and pride ourselves on inclusivity. We are entirely inclusive of children with special needs such as (not limited to) autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD and physical disabilities. Our schools are scattered across different locations across Portsmouth and Fareham on different days of the week and we’re proud to say that we’re constantly expanding! Our classes focus on building your child’s confidence, self defence and discipline skills; catering to a wide range of abilities from beginner level to advanced sparring classes, so you’ll always be pushed! We follow a structured belt system, starting at a white belt (beginner) which you’ll get (along with a gi) as soon as you signup with us.

Our classes are meticulously designed to cater to various fitness levels and age groups. Whether you’re looking for martial arts classes for your kids in Portsmouth or seeking to enhance your own skills and fitness, AG Martial Arts is your go-to destination. We invite you to join our martial arts family, where learning meets fun, and every class brings you one step closer to being your best self.


Contact us today to book a free first class and start your exciting journey from white belt to black belt with our structured ranking system. Experience first-hand why we’re the leading martial arts club in Portsmouth.


Book in for a free trial class by entering your postcode and selecting the relevant class using the tool below. For any questions or queries, please contact the Portsmouth HQ phone at 07865295950! Looking forward to seeing you all at classes soon!