Other Programmes


Sparring sessions are controlled combat sessions, where children will learn to excel and adapt their skills that they have been learning within their regular martial arts sessions. With AGMA, we have different sessions for different abilities. This ensures everyone works at their own pace. Speak to your instructor to be advised on the best session for you.

Required gear: Head guard, Gum shield, Sparring gloves, Shin guards, Foot guards

Assistant Instructor Course

This is a 12 month course designed for exceptional martial arts students aged 10 to 16 that have shown extreme leadership qualities. You’ll be taught the basics of teaching, and become a pro at leading! This is invite only, but you’ll be an AGMA qualified assistant instructor by the end of it. Reach out to your instructor if you would like to be part of this unique course.

1 to 1 Training

We can offer one to one classes for those that would like to do so, or small group bookings of up to 4 people. Our rates vary, and it helps if you have space for us for the training to take place. But get in touch and we can give you our 1 to 1 session rate or small group booking rate.