Sparring Sessions

Sparring sessions are controlled combat sessions, where children will learn to excel and adapt their skills that they have been learning with the normal martial arts sessions. With AGMA, we have split the sessions into fair levels. This will ensure everyone gets the chance to work at their own pace and work with different instructors but similar level students.

Beginner level: Before the full equipment is purchased, children can work through just the movements of sparring, perfecting basic skills before applying it to contact sparring. However it is encouraged that  equipment is slowly bought and be ready for use.

Intermediate level:At this level students will need to have purchased the gear necessary to participate in light contact, full contact sparring. This will include:

Head guard
Gum shield
Sparring gloves
Shin guards
Foot guards

It is important to understand that you will need to control your strikes at this level to progress onto advanced level sparring. Basic defences and attacks should be developed at this stage.

Advanced level: Students at this level should have all the gear required at intermediate level and have solid, foundational defensive and offensive techniques. It is important to note that students at this level have excellent control of aggression and power of strikes and therefore can participate in sparring with harder strikes; which should be controlled at all times. Students at this level are encouraged to participate in competitions.