Sparring sessions are controlled combat sessions, where children will learn to excel and adapt the skills taught within their regular martial arts sessions. With AGMA, we have different sessions for different abilities. This ensures everyone works at their own pace. Speak to your instructor to be advised on the best session for you.

Mandatory Safety Equipment: To promote the safety of all participants, the following protective gear must be worn during all bouts:

  • Headgear: Approved foam or leather headgear that covers the top and back of the head. It must be secured with a chin strap.
  • Gloves: Official kickboxing gloves of appropriate size and weight for the fighter’s division. 16oz gloves are standard training gloves for classes.
  • Mouthguard: All competitors must wear a mouthguard during competition. The mouthguard should be moulded to the fighter’s teeth for maximum protection.
  • Shin Insteps / Foot Pads: Shin guards must be worn and should cover the shin and instep of each leg. Alternatively, separate shin guards and foot pads can be worn, but this must still adhere to regulation standards.

For a full understanding of sparring, visit our tournament page here