Upcoming Events


Check out AGMA Online here and make sure you’re prepared for the next grading.

As an AG Martial Arts member, you are entitled to attend any grading event in any area once you are ready. Never miss out on another grading day again! The next grading events are:

Summer Grading

Bournemouth Sunday 2nd June 2024

Portsmouth – Saturday 8th June 2024

Southampton –Saturday 15th June 2024

Catch Up Grading (Invite Only)

Southampton – Saturday 10th August 2024

Autumn Grading

Southampton – Saturday 5th October 2024
Bournemouth – Sunday 6th October 2024
Portsmouth –  Sunday 13th October 2024

Winter Grading

ADVANCED Southampton – Sunday 23rd November 2024

Southampton – Saturday 8th February 2025
Portsmouth – Saturday 15th  February 2025
Bournemouth – Sunday 16th February 2025

                                                                                    ADVANCED Southampton – Sunday 18th May 2025

AGMA Tournaments

Sparring Seminar – Sunday 9th June 2024

Southampton – Sunday 23rd June 2024

Southampton – Sunday 8th September 2024

Southampton – Sunday 8th December 2024


Tag System

1. Ethos Tag (Red)- Awarded for consistent attendance, respectful behaviour, and black belt attitude.

2. Fitness Tag (Blue) – Given for achieving a specific level of physical fitness, including strength and flexibility.

3. Syllabus Tag (Green) – For mastering the required techniques and knowledge for their level.

A student needs all three tags to be eligible for the next belt grading. As always, you can still book in for the grading, even if you don’t have all three tags (but will need it before the actual day). As a student/parent, you should aim to speak to your instructor to find out what’s required for each tag