Key Skills & Abilities

At AG Martial Arts, we teach adults and kids many key skills used in every day life. Whether it’s bringing out self esteem or achieving your fitness goals, we work with you closely to make sure you hit the goals you want to achieve. Our instructors enforce rules for infants/junior classes to encourage the best behaviour from all students as a child develops. The discipline side of things is important to us,  we actively make sure martial arts does not teach violence, but rather how to channel energy for better use.

We understand that not every person has the social or physical skills needed to take part in our classes. But our team are able to adapt to these issues as we feel no one should be left out due to their ability.  In our classes everyone works at their own pace which makes goals attainable for each individual. Plus, everyone starts somewhere! Even our top martial arts experts were at a stage where they did not know how to throw a basic kick or couldn’t do a single push up. Consistency is what creates success.

Martial arts works well along side other sports. Whether it’s sports like football, dance or even running. Martial Arts has a strong aspect in fitness which helps with these sports. You can improve on things such as flexibility for dance or even getting power in kicks for football. However unlike some traditional sports Martial Arts has an encompassing skill set to help students of all in every aspect. 

Try it out! Check out our nearest classes below and see how you can benefit from our classes!